This is the official site for Red Meat Games’ upcoming game First Impact: Rise of a Hero

In First Impact: Rise of a Hero players attain superhuman powers when a mysterious meteorite strikes the island where they live. But they’re not the only ones given powers, other creatures have begun to use their powers to wreak havoc as meteorites continue to destroy the island! With their newfound superpowers, players must protect the island from these new threats and find a way to stop the meteors from destroying their home! Get ready to fly around, lift heavy objects and control the four elements in this action-packed superhero adventure.


  • Determine how you want to explore the world by flying, jumping, using super speed or teleportation
  • Meet a cast of supportive characters who want to see you succeed and also unravel the mysteries of the meteors
  • Defeat a variety of foes by using your powers over the four elements of earth, fire, water, and air
  • Play as a PC/Console game or take it to the next level in VR

First Impact: Rise of a Hero is a first person, action-RPG designed by a team of passionate, veteran developers who make up Red Meat Games, an independent game studio. It will be coming to the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and potentially other VR platforms in 2017.

Red Meat Games is an independent game studio in the tech capital of Canada: Kitchener, Ontario. We’ve been making games since 2013 and have turned our sights on virtual reality. For more information about our studio and our games please head to redmeatgames.ca!

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